VAVA - Mind Over Matter | Showroom

During Paris Fashion week I had a chance to meet and have a chit-chat with designer of VAVA eyewear and hear the story of design and inspiration directly from designer himself.

Whole concept is based on post-industrial society, iconic cities like Detroit and Berlin, and belief of belonging to a post human age.

Cities Detroit and Berlin, both, symbolize the cultural and economic domination, as well the collapse, and rebirth of society. During the collapse the population drastically decreased and those who stayed found a way to re-invent way of communication with the world, and finding alike minds. One of the  ways was through the music, which plays important part in VAVA's design and inspiration.  Creation of Techno cities, creation of the future, where technology would emerge as the salvation.

Geometric shapes of VAVA eyewear are influenced by the  Bauhaus and minimalism. With a retro touch, and design of tomorrow,  they show us  a future from VAVAs perspective.

White label (simplicity, cleanliness, purity) and Black label (darkness, decay, underground). Cubes, circles and cylinders. Bits and bytes.

"Within these borders the future reality lies."

A New Cross - Moving forward to the start | Showroom

I wrote recently about amazing A New Cross newest collection "Moving Forward to the Start". So, this blog post is addition to all that, and an opportunity I had to see it in person during PFW. Also to meet my very good friend (and personally one of my favorite designers), Nicolás Rivero, to have a great time, and snap some photos.

Scroll down and enjoy.


It is well known that I like and appreciate work and philosophy of the Japanese designers. This year, during Paris Fashion Week, I had an opportunity meeting some of my favorite in real.

At first, when I got an e-mail with invitation I was surprised, and I knew, I couldn't let that chance slip away. Seeing Maruyama's pieces in real was experience on whole new level. Also, it is always great seeing how the Japanese pay attention even to smallest detail, and how everything they create carries a strong message.

Here are some of the photos to transfer part of the atmosphere. Enjoy.

Yohji Yamamoto - S/S 2018

Soon new collection is coming, but it's never late for presenting timeless Yohji's work. For Spring/Summer 2018, Yohji Yamamoto creates more genderless pieces.

“Recently, young boys and young girls are wearing mixed, genderless, so I wanted to work with this gender movement. I played a little.”

To make this even more interesting, the collection is not as strict as it is usually the case. It is more loosening up for more youthful Yamamoto collection, full of interesting and effortlessly wearable wardrobe proposals. But even though the collection is lighter, Yamamoto still keeps things discreet by not exposing skin much, and basically tickles your imagination. Each piece from the collection contains personalized and romanticized stitching message.

Source: Vogue


When we talk about balance of form and function, we simply have to mention Japanese label CIVILIZED. Satoshi Okugawa is always aiming to create great balance of conventional menswear attires and sportswear pieces.
Check out their newest lookbook for Spring/Summer 2018.

Demobaza - S/S 2018 | demoman

Second part of DEMOBAZA collection for Spring/Summer 2018 entitled 'REUNION' dedicated to urban nomad and world of tomorrow!